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Antique Door Hardware – Buy as a Specialist

Purchasing antique-style door furniture may lead to clamped sleeves or a door button that does not work. But questions must be asked to prevent mistakes.

Door knob or door handle?

First, check the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole drilled around the lock. Check that it is long enough not to pinch the fingers when rotating the door knob. If the distance seems too short, place the handle on the door.

Old or new:

  • Do you need a suitable set? Nowadays, there are few long series of assembled handles. If you have time to look, you might be lucky. Otherwise, it is easier to buy new products. Drummonds are the indelible examples of beautiful originals.
  • There is a mouthwash variant you can choose when you buy an antique button. But you have to look for it and look for it. And you have to look carefully at how the antique works well.
  • The new door hardware is simpler for installation and trains to work better.

Which style?

This is a matter of personal preference. Ask

  • Do you want the door handle to match the rest of the house
  • Do you want the door button style to fit only the door
  • Simply choose what you like regardless of the surrounding decoration

with your answer, see what's available and select your pet.

Which material?

Brass, iron, wood and glass are the most common.

  • Brass is the most widespread. Its great advantage is that it is not rusty or rotting, decorative, polished and attract the attractive patina over time. It is also lightweight in silver or copper finish. Strongly polished buttons gather to a wonderful patina until they are lacquered.
  • Brass plate: Forget these. These are the troubles.
  • Iron buttons require protection, except pure black, which is rusty. The most popular form of protection is painting, but oiling or waxing looks more natural and wears beautiful patina over time.
  • Wood is common. Ebony and fruit trees are traditional, but modern hardwoods are mostly used now, often painted like ebony. Cracks in buttons are usually not serious and are added to the character.
  • Ceramic or glass. These buttons generally contain copper workpieces. Look for hair cracks. Small cracks are okay. Serious ones can be fatal.

Rimlock or mortise lock? What are these? A door seal must be set within the door thickness; a pull-up box is a box planted by the door, which is by the frame of the door frame.

This is so because the rearview mirror has different buttons on both sides of the door while the false lock is not.

So you must be sure that the desired key is used to lock you. It is possible that work can work anyway. Ask your supplier if you can change it.

Check spool size:

  • Spindle is a square metal bar that connects door handles on both sides of the door. If it's too small for the lock, the button will ring and nothing can be done to fix it. Do not buy this button.
  • It does not matter much if a spindle is too big. You can pull some of the spindle or open the lock.

Worn and worn:

  • Worn spindle: usually easy to replace
  • Worn outs: rare but difficult to fasten
  • Screw Bolts / Bolts:? The old button bolts can be peripheral fibers so it is difficult to replace them. If you need to replace it, it is often easier to cut and re-cut a modern metric thread. At least you know it will work. And you know you can replace the screw if you lose it.
  • General wear: Due to certain surface wear, the old button seems to have been working for years, so do not write an antique door handle just because it was imperfect.

Buy it as you like. It must be good for years.

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