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Alienware vs. Rockdirect vs Dell: Finding the Best Gaming Camera

So you want to buy a gaming machine.

But not just the old gaming laptop, you want to buy the best

gaming machine on the planet, the best slot machine money

buy – the fastest, the strongest, the final kick-ass,

There are no captives, the worst motherboards on all gaming machines.

Well, there are some good news for you, things have really changed

in the laptop world. Undoubtedly they are probably aware of it

some of the major developments in laptop construction and technology

in the last year. The technology that plays the phone

is its main competitor, desktop PC par or near pair

Recent technology changes are actually powered by laptops

with the full list of new technologies in the spotlight:

PCI Express, Sonoma Chipset, SLI, Hyper-Threading, Dual Graphics,

Better RAM, and now Dual Core gaming laptops. There are gaming notebooks

has just entered the specifications and performance stage, which is exclusive

is reserved for a high performance, yet much stronger desktop computer.

Only if your head was buried in term papers and studied

pages lately – hey, that's happening! Here's a short rundown

with new technologies that will deliver the fastest gaming machine: is the real heart of gaming machines. They

is getting faster and stronger. We also see it double

graphics cards and better data transfer with new piping

and buses

PCI Express: is a new standard for expansion cards that

different versions. There are currently bands x16 and x1

increases bandwidth. For example, band x1 is 500MB / s

instead of just 133MB / s for PCI.

NVIDIA SLI: SLI is the Scalable Link Interface, Technology

that allows some GeForce 6800 graphics cards to be used

with PCI Express X16. Basically, SLI speeds up graphics on a single disc

monitor by installing two graphics cards. It also allows the combination to work

4 GPUs in one system for the fastest graphics.

An alternative system would be ATI CrossFire, which

SLI-like configuration for "Master" and "Slave"

cards that combine two Radeon GPUs for better and faster use


Hyper-Threading: Provides better performance for processors

especially when dual-core processors,

capable of handling four fibers that will be avoided

A player's smile on each player's face

Better RAM: DDR3 SDRAM (dual data rate with three sync

Dynamic Random Access Memory) is the new DDR memory standard

will use 40% less power and 800 MHz.

Do not mix this with GDDR3 (with graphics cards)

is a completely different technology

Dual Core: just as its name says, two CPUs

laptop for greater performance and faster computing. Rockdirect a

The Xtreme 64 was one of the world's first two-dimensional notebooks

found the market.

Also pay attention to the Intel Dual Core Notebook

Chip synchronized Yonah will be slightly different,

This notebook chip contains not only two cores, but these

seeds divide the 2 MB cache, which greatly enhances performance.

In most cases, before all these developments

developments can be a pleasant job for most players, though

can be sure you will enjoy playing time. And like a notebook

technology is evolving, the gaming laptop will be even smaller

and stronger, and offers a real alternative to the game

desktop PC is even the most demanding Power Junkies.

Serious players also know the laptop or notebook gaming technology

is constantly evolving and mutating. Therefore, most players

only purchases fully upgradeable open architecture notebooks

is looking for a laptop that can be easily updated with the latest ones

and the latest technology, if possible.

However, since the technology of laptop gaming is constantly improving,

players are still staying with the choice of which gaming system to buy.

Only if you've been hibernating for five years now – hey, that's it

is happening. Here is the rapid destruction of the various systems on the market

… Voodoo, Alienware, Mayhem, Vigor, Sager, ASUS, Rockdirect,

M-Tech, Dell …

Despite its fancy tablet, serious gamers know that most laptops

created by the same two or three companies in Taiwan! Same ingredients

and the chassis are under a different brand name and are marketed

for the public

Not too cynical, but sometimes the laptop

is the right painting job or better advertisement

wins your purchase dollars. It is not that savvy players can easily

to deceive, destroy the idea, but the packaging can regulate the sun,

has the same or negligible performance in the game

machines basically with the same parts and spectacles

Regardless of the sober reality, players are still

chosen by the toy manufacturer for this ingredient

on the market for the best gaming machine. There are many games

specialists who also value high-quality machines

consideration, but limited space here we are only looking at

three big toy manufacturers, sometimes for completely different reasons.

These are three Alienware, Rockdirect and Dell. Everything is serious

contestants for the ultimate gaming laptop. Here's a short rundown

are all three decision makers and gaming laptops that can be of some help

for those who buy high-quality gambling monsters.

Alienware Laptops

Let's start with the most specially-formatted game

laptops on the market. Those who come from Alienware

founded by two enthusiastic players, Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila

1996. He became one of the leading manufacturers of the revolutionary

gaming machines and notebooks. It also won the fans and rewards of this

Highest Industrial Releases CNET, PC Gamer, Computer Games and

a lot more.

Flagship of Area-51m 7700. This scary monster

can be equipped with an Intel Pentium 4 processor

Hyper-Threading Technology – (2.8GHz – 3.8GHz, 800MHz FSB,

1 MB cache, Socket 775) Intel 915P + ICH6 chipset with NVIDIA

GeForce GO 6800 ULTRA 256MB DDR3. There is a 17-inch WideUXGA

1920×1200 LCD display and 4 dedicated SO-DIMM slots

Two-channel DDR2 memory. Warranties are available

– 4 years.

The Alienware Area-51m 7700 is about to begin with

$ 2000, but if you want to maximize this system, get ready

to double this amount. High price for great performance.

Quiet and cool. It was dressed in dress.

Rockdirect Laptops

Then we go through the lake,

high-end, yet high performance slot machines. Rockdirect Game Opportunities

is another machine group that many players need to consider.

Rockdirect, previously known as Rock, a British company

at the forefront of notebook technology. They were long

The history of high-quality laptops is business and gaming.

Rockdirect laptops are expensive, there is no way

this fact.

Rockdirect Xtreme 64 is one of the world's first dual core

notebooks use AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ processors and two

100GB 7,200RPM Hard Drive. With NVIDIAGeForce Go 7800 GTX

graphics and a 17-inch WSXGA + (1680×1050) display with X-Glass

for better viewing. About 2300 pounds or 4000 dollars.

Three Year Collective and Recovery Guarantee

Dell Laptops

Hey dude, this can not be DEll?

Dell introduces XPS second generation gaming

laptops should be considered by the serious player. Do not laugh!

With the introduction of XPS Gen2 laptops, Dell has entered the

gaming market is real. Many people stood up and noticed.

More people emerged when Dell introduced the XPS Renegade 600

desktop gaming system with 4 NVIDIA 7800GTX GPUs a

CES this year. Now this SLI is good for you

Dell's most important notebook model is the XPS M170

Intel Pentium M processor 780 (2.26 GHz / 2 MB cache / 533 MHz FSB)

and 2 GB1 Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM in 533 MHz 2 DIMM Memory

100GB 7200 rpm hard drive. 256 MB of NVIDIA GeForce is used

Go 7800 GTX and 17 "UltraSharp Wide Screen UXGA

is displayed. The price is about $ 3,896 for two years warranty

and Longer Warranties You Can Buy

Show Me the Facts!

Anyone can add a high quality gaming note and say the fastest

in the world. However, you have to prove it or you must reset it.

This is where benchmark tests enter the picture, these are the following

is a standard test that evaluates your performance level

gaming laptop. Hey, the tests are good for them!

A good place to do a full set of tests

the above-mentioned gaming laptops .

Here you can see the various benchmark tests here:

Testing memory bandwidth and latency, picfast,

encryption, raytracing, realistic rendering, encoding, and

so on. The dual core Rock XTreme 64 was spectacular

including Athlon 4000+

Wildcard Entry: M-TECH!

There is another laptop maker, many novice players do not hold

when purchasing the ultimate gaming machine. It may not be

mentioned above, but the real substitute entry

M-TECH. This is basically the US equivalent Rockdirect,

although companies are in no way related to each other. Only one

is a similar philosophy of cooperation with state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art technology

and companies make some excellent gaming machines.

M-TECH, a Michigan company, started in 1995 and is close

is a strategic partnership with Tech companies in the Silicon Valley. it

a number of industry magazines such as

Laptops, Mobile Computing, CNET, PC TODAY and others.

M-TECH is a powerful low-priced (relatively speaking)

Game Stands such as the D900K and the D900T:

The D900T comes with two 100GB (7200RPM) SATA hard drives

Hard drives with Pentium 4 3.8GHz 2MB L2Cache RAID.

Nvidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX and 256 MB DDR3 and a 17-inch TFT WSXGA +

Glassview LCD display approx. For $ 3500 USD. One year warranty,

Long Term Warranty

When buying a laptop, keep in mind just because it is a game

Many laptops in your laptop do not mean you've sacrificed your performance.

It is not a question of material style, it just means

has to pay for style / advertising / packaging.

If you can afford it, go for a higher-priced gaming laptop.

People buy Ferrari, right? There is no accounting method

people spend money if you want one of these double seeds

laptops from Rockdirect, and you can warm up a little bit

and the noise of your game, look for a Rockdirect Xtreme 64 or

is the older Xtreme Ti.

If you want to dress up to kill your Alienware laptop, go to

Area-51m 7700. If you have a budget, look closely at Dell

XPS M170 or other XPS systems and see the special Dell

coupons and discounts. Dell knew it was great

discounts, so keep your eyes peeled. And if you really want to

goes to mainstream, why does not it look like M-TECH? particularly

the M-TECH D900K or the D900T, the ultimate performance at a good price

No matter which game system you are going to try one

has a fully refurbished open architecture architecture

you can simply upgrade when the time comes. Keep in mind,

Laptop technology changes so fast that it is yours

sleep machine configured, probably outdated.

Sobering idea, but more real than any of us want

believe it.

Finding the fastest gaming laptop is a process in progress

is to fit your dream machine with the latest technologies

and hardware as they come. Hey, no one said life


I'm just wondering how to fit Quad SLI with 4 GPUs

into a laptop. Hey, this may happen and probably!

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