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Adhesives – Seven Ways to Use Papermaking Projects on Adhesives and Tapes

It is very easy to get to my double-sided tape or to my different adhesives when I work on paper. One of the things I like about paper is that you often have the desired results in many ways. Adhering with glue and tapes is just one way to keep the batteries where they want them. Come with me to look at some other ideas to keep things going.

You can do this without any kind of glue. The challenge to do this is to entertain yourself in an entertaining way. There are seven ways to do this without any adhesive.

1. Brads

If you were a paper maker for a while, you probably know the beards. They are made of metal and are provided with a split backrest that can be loaded with paper layers to wear the decorations together. You often see them in the middle of flower layers. There is no reason to use other methods such as carpet placement, placement of labels, where you want them to combine a small album or booklet, create a swing tag for hidden logging, an anchor tape or a cord or rope, or decorate your own right. Use an odd number of brads in a row to raise the eye to the side or card slot, make a curve line, or use it as a corner point.

2. Cutting

Sewing or sewing a machine can make a big contribution to your pages and cards, as well as convenient way to place items. Combine card or design paper layers with straight lines or decorative seams. Circle a photo with a straight stitch or a zigzag or a blanket to hold it to the carpet (first use a paper punch and a lattice template to manually spin the needle and thread). Sew buttons for layout to keep things in place. Joining an album to connect fibers, yarns or fibers. Make a collapsed paper with the stitched spine. Sew on felt or other materials to make flowers or any other shape and place them. Sew a ribbon to his side.

Tip: If you are using the sewing machine for paper making, be sure to hold a needle just for sewing paper. Collapsing on paper slightly punctures the needle and then hits the fabric.

3. Clips and Other Hardware from the Station

Fossilizing in stationery stores can reveal wonderful elements in your paper production. Paper clips, small bulldog clips, taps, colored staples, and the like can all be used instead of brads, adhesives or tapes. Manufacturers keep coming up with new small trinkets for the Office. Why can not you incorporate them into a papermaking project?

4. Paper Foldable, Cutting and Paper Crimping

Intelligent paper folding or crimping methods can help you without any glue. Make photos or carpets in the paper in each corner. Make a number of niches and threads on tape, paper or pen. Fold the layers of paper a few times and then screw in to add a thread or seam. Use origami techniques in your project, fold the papers, and drag them under other paper layers. Crimping papers and paper rolling devices. Re-examine the scaffolding shop to find paper-bonding tools that do not use staples, scratch and squeeze paper without metals.

5. Magnets

Using an magnet on a metal plate or holding the batteries can create an interactive display. Using a magnet, you keep a small log book on your layout, so people can choose from the page, read it and give it back to where it belongs. (Use another magnet on the back of the page). Create paper trays that can be used for special occasions and use a magnet so that people can wear them on their garments (make sure nobody has a timer before wearing a magnetic tap or interfere with the mechanism).

6. Velcro

Use Velcro to close the label albums to create fun kids' books with elements that can be dragged and put back on the page. Sew the Velcro on your side or element to keep it in place. Close the small paper box with the Velcro fastener. Use the paper tray that can be worn, instead of the magnet.

7. Sealing Wax

Back before gluing adhesives and tapes, people had sealed paper envelopes and waxed together. Special stamps and feather rings were on the hot wax to make a decorative or informative pattern before the wax cooled. Try your hand using the insulating wax to create a special paper project. For example, use wax to close wedding invitations. You can also use cards or guestbook pages to keep small items in place.

And there are – seven ways of sticking or gluing the papers. There are other ways to create cards, layouts, and off-the-page projects without the use of tapes and glue. I'm hoping to challenge you to find new ways to produce paper and share your ideas with them if you want to know if there is another way to work without the adhesive.

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