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5 Under Linux, the benefits of using Windows

So, you are a new or rather moderate Linux user who wants to know what Linux's real benefits are in Windows? There are many advantages to Linux and, of course, the disadvantages of using a Linux operating system. This article includes under Linux the five benefits of using Windows and lists some disadvantages.

The most important advantage of Linux is that it is free to access while Microsoft products are available for high performance and sometimes repetitive fees. Microsoft licenses are typically installed on only one computer, while a Linux distribution can be installed on any computer without paying a single dime.

  • Security – Costs in line with the security aspect of Linux is much stronger than Windows. Why spend more money on antivirus software? The Linux operating system has existed since the nineties and has managed to remain safe in the field of widespread viruses, spyware and adware. Of course, the arguments of the Linux desktop were not as widely used as viruses. My objection is that the Linux operating system is open source, and if there is a widespread Linux virus today, then hundreds of patches will be issued tomorrow, whether ordinary people using the operating system or distributor maintenance. We should not wait for a patch from a single company like Windows.
  • Choice (Freedom) – The power of choice is a great Linux advantage. Using Linux, you can control all aspects of the operating system. Two of the most important features that you can control are that your desktop computers are defined by many Window Manager and kernel. Windows insists on using a tedious default desktop theme or installing a third-party shell or a risk of corruption or malfunction.
  • Software – There are so many software choices when performing a specific task. You can search for Freshmeat's word processor and bring hundreds, if not thousands of results. The article on the 5 Linux Text Editor that you need to know explains that because of Linux's open source, there are many options for word processing only in the command line. Regular users and programmers are constantly contributing to the applications. Sometimes a simple modification or feature extension is an existing software, sometimes a completely new application. In addition, the software running on Linux has more features and greater usability than the software in Windows. In addition, the vast majority of Linux software is free and open source. It does not only get the program free of charge, but you have the option to modify the source code and add additional features when you understand the programming language. What more can you ask for?
  • Hardware – Linux is perfect for old computers that have hardly any processing power or memory that is sitting in their garage or basement collector. Install Linux and use it as firewall, file server, or backup. There are infinite possibilities. Older 386 or 486 computers run hardly any RAM without Linux. Good luck on Windows machines on these machines and you will actually find them for use.
  • Linux Disadvantages:

    • Getting to know the Linux operating system requires patience and a strong learning curve. You need to read and figure out things yourself, not to do everything for you. – Because of its free nature, Linux is sometimes behind the curve when new hardware is compatible. Although kernel contributors and maintainers are working hard to keep the kernel up to date, Linux does not have as many corporate backgrounds as alternative operating systems. Sometimes you find third-party apps, sometimes you do not know.
    • Alternative Programs – Although Linux developers have done a great job of creating alternatives to popular Windows applications, there are still applications that do not have an equivalent Linux application in Windows.

    Now that you understand the benefits of Linux, you have time to get out and experiment. Windows can be a great tool for lazy and incompetent but a true scientist and a person who wants to learn how to run a trusted operating system like Linux

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