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5 properties that must be good software testers

If it's hard to find a good software developer, it's harder to find a good software tester. What is the purpose of becoming an excellent expert in software testing? There are certain attitudes and attributes that need to be an effective software tester. Here are five features that define a good software tester.

first Attitudes: Attitude is always the key to success in all endeavors. The innate passion you are doing always sets your enthusiasm and interest in your work. Successful and powerful software testers often keep themselves flexible, sound and uncompromising, and are very passionate about analysis and testing. Typically, passion is rather an innate material in a person than an acquired characteristic.

2nd Intellectual and technical ability: Must have a good (perhaps above average) analytical and logical ability. You must be able to deal with complex logic and be able to make this type of setting on a high level. A good software tester should be intelligent. In addition to intellectual capabilities, a good engineer must also have an excellent encoding background to capture the concept of the tested system.

3rd Flexibility: Adaptability and learning willingness are one of the most important features of a good software product. You must have an embedded willingness to continue with your students and commit themselves to developing and developing your skills. For example, the Visual Basic platform is drastically changing from VB6 to VB.Net, the good software manager must be flexible enough to cope with changes in new technologies.

4th Communication Skills: An efficient engineer must have strong written and verbal communication skills. Be capable of listening critically and speaking rationally, clearly communicating the message personally in personal meetings. A good software tester should be able to read and analyze product documentation, write a test plan, write clear bug reports, and write coherent status reports to management in both formal reports and ad hoc email reports.

5th Business sense: It's important for good software to have a good business sense. You should be able to get a bigger picture of your company's overall business strategy. This allows a large software tester to actively participate in a higher level than an individual employee.

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